Dr. Nikki Hui, a Southern California native, first studied at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA where she spent many hours in the foothills on horseback and received her first degree in animal science. She then became a world traveler making Australia her home for seven amazing years. The University of Sydney provided a fantastic education, experiences, and a globally recognized veterinary degree. Practicing veterinary medicine in rural “down unda” exposed her to a diverse caseload, from emergency cesareans in dogs and cows, colics in horses, to saving dogs and cats from fatal snake-bites and ticks that cause paralysis.

Part of Dr. Nikki’s travels lead her to South Africa where she helped for conservation catching and relocating animals and even micro-chipped a Rhino! Her latest travels brought her to the Cook Islands where she volunteered as a Senior Veterinarian, teaching veterinary students in surgery and medicine whilst providing the only medical and surgical care available to the animals of the island.

Her diverse experiences have given her appreciation for all aspects of veterinary medicine, enjoying the fun puppy & kitten visits, wellness exams, and internal medicine cases to the new challenges emergencies bring. Dr. Nikki lives with her husband and her kitty Annabelle & German Wirehaired Pointer, Jasper. During her off time she gets as many kitty cuddles as she can, spends as much time outdoors stand up paddle boarding, hiking, and is always out admiring the beautiful California coastline.