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Dear Friends,

We are now well over a month into our Stay-At-Home order. Thank you all for your patience in working with our team to implement curbside care in order to protect you and our staff and promote social distancing. When we are permitted to return to routine care, we intend to continue providing options that will allow clients back into the hospital while still promoting safety. Unfortunately, we will not be returning to “normal” for quite some time, but I’d like to take this opportunity to alert you to some updates:

Pets & COVID-19: The latest data shows that cats can become infected and get mild respiratory illness from COVID-19. Experts feel that they cannot spread the disease. We do NOT advocate getting rid of pets.

While they can catch the disease from us, they cannot give the disease to us. If your pet is infected, we recommend isolating yourselves from your pets in the same way you would isolate from an ill family member. If you are sick and want to know what to do to protect your pet, please let us know. While pets can now be tested for COVID-19, we are only testing pets in consultation with the California State Health Veterinarians. It is not for routine screening and will only be used on a case-by-case basis so as not to use up the test reagents desperately needed in human medicine.

Telemedicine At OC VetWe are excited to announce that we have a new telemedicine service available to our clients! California has very specific requirements for telemedicine, which is that we need to have seen your pet within the last 12 months for the health issue in question. We can do consults via chat and video chat. This will help us to address your concerns without risk of contact. 

California has allowed us to conduct telemedicine on new problems in extremely limited conditions — namely if you are in complete home isolation due to infection or known exposure. For more information, visit www.anipanion.com. You can download the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store. Once you download the app and provide your pet’s information, we need to link the app to our software. If you want a chat soon, let us know so we can get you in the system. This a new process for us, so we appreciate your patience as we learn to navigate the software and scheduling.

Pet Prescriptions: We have begun to experience significant shipment delays for certain medications and diets. We strongly recommend keeping two weeks of food and medication on hand at all times (but not more than that, as we do not recommend hoarding).

Shipping times can be up to 10 days from our online pharmacy partner and even longer from other retailers. This is because of shipping delays and manufacturers needing to re-tool warehouses with new social distancing and safety procedures. Having your pet’s products set up for auto-ship with the maximum amount of available refills will help ensure your pet’s products are received on time, assuming availability. If the diet or medication your pet needs is unavailable, please contact us as soon as possible so we can look for alternatives. This is not a good time to wait until the last minute, as we cannot guarantee that a particular product will be in stock. REMEMBER:  Keep a 14-day supply of food and medication for your pet on-hand at all times!