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Dear Friends,

We are committed to helping out your pets during this crisis for as long as we can. We are dilligently working on maintaining our social distance in all parts of our life to make sure we are here for you.  We are currently open via curbside service (you stay in your car and we will discuss your pet’s care via the phone/video chat and a team member will come to you.  Because have reduced the number of cases we are seeing per day for safety and because we are trying to conserve resources (personal protection gear), we are prioritizing sick/urgent care.  We are disinfecting our facilities continuously and have an extremely strict illness policy for staff following all CDC guidelines to make sure the virus is absent from our hospital. Please tell us when calling if you have symptoms of coronavirus or if anyone at home is in quarantine so we can take appropriate measures.

Many of you are unsure what sick/urgent care means. Basically, this means anything that is interfering with your pet’s quality of life. The Stay Put order is likely to extend for another month. If your pet has any discomfort or illness, it’s likely that they cannot wait.  This can include itching, urinary problems, ear infections, etc. it does not have to be life threatening.  If you are unsure, please let us know.  Know that we take safety seriously and the risk of bringing your pet to us is much lower than a trip to the grocery store.

Some important pieces of news:

1) Rabies vaccination and licensure are still required for dogs. I was on a conference call with the county veterinary health officers of LA and Orange counties and because rabid bats are still being found, they feel it is important to keep this up.

2) The Orange Dog Park is closed, as are all playground equipment areas. This is for social distancing. The parks are open for walking, maintaining proper spacing.

3) Numerous veterinary specialists feel that pet fur is an extremely low risk of spread and dogs and cats, in the rare case they are infected with coronavirus by their owners cannot get sick or spread the disease.

4) In order to reduce risk, we highly recommend refilling medication on with our pharmacy partner, which you can reach via our website. Ordering food and medications this way allows for manufacturer specials, are fully guaranteed, and helps to support our hospital so we can stay open and be here for your pets. If you are getting medications elsewhere, please consider switching pharmacies. We deeply appreciate it!.   https://ocvetmedcenter.vetsfirstchoice.com/

5) On that note, we have already begun to have some shortages. Do not hoard as we need enough for everyone. But please, make sure you have two weeks of pet food and medications at all times. This is crucial to give us time to figure out options to get your pet what they need and if you are put on quarantine for 2 weeks, it’s one less worry for you.

6) While we are not performing grooming, dayboarding, non-anesthetic dental cleanings, or boarding, we can perform medicated baths for pets that needed and their owners are not able to bathe them.  Also, if you are infected and need to go to the hospital and there is no one to care for your pet at home, we can house your pet here.

7)  There are going to be more and more pets needing temporary and permanent homes. We work with many rescues and if you are interested in adopting or fostering a pet, please let us know so we can direct you to an appropriate rescue.

We deeply appreciate that you bring your pets to us and your patience in this difficult time.

Thank you,

Dr. Horn and your OCVMC Team