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Effortlessly Manage Your Pet’s Health, All in One Place

  • Free App: Download the PetDesk App on Android or Apple completely free.
  • Pet History: We keep your appointment history, vaccinations, and you can save the rest.
  • Notes: Take notes to remember everything you want to ask next visit.
  • 24/7 Appointment Requests: You can request an appointment anywhere, anytime, with any provider.
  • Appointment Reminders: Get them through app, text, or email. Avoid those no show fees.
  • Other Reminders: You can set reminders, maintenance treatments, or anything else.
  • One App for All: Add your vet, groomer, boarder, anyone else, and all your pets too.
  • Calendar Integration: Appointments and reminders are put on your phones calendar.
  • Photos: Save photos to remember your favorite cut or document a problem.

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