It’s always scary when your pet gets sick. Our Orange medical team is here to help. We will make your sick friend get better. Quick, accurate diagnosis of the problem is essential. We have the training and the tools necessary to get the answer to your pet’s ailment. We take your pet’s health very seriously.

Digital Radiography

We have a fully digital radiology (X-Ray) unit. This allows us to get a much more detailed image, much faster, with less x-ray radiation exposure to your pets.


We perform ultrasounds in-house. All of our ultrasounds are either performed by a radiologist or are reviewed by a radiologist. Ultrasounds are a non-invasive way to look at internal structures. Shaving is required but we do try to keep it to a minimum. Most patients are fully awake for the procedure.

In-House Lab

We have an in-house laboratory that allows us to get results back in about 45 minutes. Our full suite of diagnostic equipment also allows us to get results back within the hour so that we can help treat your pet more quickly.

Digital Record Keeping

All of our records are fully digital. Our lab work, radiographs, examination findings, and treatment plans are all computerized and easy to access, even remotely. When we perform an examination, you will get a print out of all of our findings, including the diagnosis, treatment plan, and even a picture of your pet!