Some of my humans call me Squints, some Winty, and some worse things when I do a sneak attack from hiding. I got my name because I was born without eyelids and with no family. I’m not sure which upset me more. When I came to OCVMC, I had no idea that I would be meeting my new family. It wasn’t until my eyelids were fixed that I was able to see the bright future ahead of me. I was saved from the brink of death when I was found to be Felv positive. I get a shot every month or so and I feel great now.  I prefer to work in the treatment area. The human that services our lab machines named Skip got mad that I was sleeping on all of the cords and got me this special bunk bed which I love. Much more comfortable than plastic and wires. I like to spend my time breaking Q-Tips, making sure my humans do a good job, and hiding until a human is near then doing a jump scare with a little swat….to show that I care. I am very shy and very fluffy. I like to leave clumps of fur everywhere so no one forgets that I’m here.