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Preventing Fleas, Ticks and Heartworm as Summer Approaches

Your pets are much more likely to encounter fleas, ticks and heartworm in the summer. Fleas and ticks thrive in warmer weather, as do mosquitoes, which transmit heartworm from animal to animal. Don’t overlook the problems these pests cause: Fleas can trigger dermatitis and hot spots, one tick bite can transmit numerous dangerous diseases and […]

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If Your Pet Microchipped?

One of the worst feelings to experience as a pet owner is realizing a pet has gone missing. And considering only 17% of lost dogs and 2% of lost cats make it back to their owners, it can often feel impossible to get a pet back. National Check the Chip Day is coming up on […]

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High Temps and Hot Pets

Serious summer sizzle is here—and animals often struggle to keep cool when temps rise because they can’t process the heat and humidity as effectively as we do. It should go without saying, but never leave your pet in the car on warm or sunny summer days. On an 85-degree day, the interior of your car can reach […]

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Don’t Let Fleas Dog Your Dog – or Cat

Your pet is an easy target for parasites, and in southern California, we have several pests that can cause serious health issues for your animal companions. The most common are: Fleas. These tiny bugs feed on mammals and lay eggs in fur, as well as the carpets and furniture in your home. In addition to triggering […]

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Why You Should Take Your Cat to the Vet

According to the American Association of Feline Practitioners, 83 percent of cats visit the vet at least once in their first year with their owners. However, over half of them never return to the vet in subsequent years. Although there is a commonly believed myth that cats are low-maintenance pets compared to dogs, cats still […]

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Importance of Senior Lab Testing

Did you know that the kidneys can lose 75 percent of their functionality before any symptoms are seen? Or that 40 percent of female dogs over the age of seven can have a silent urinary tract infection? Or that low thyroid levels (hypothyroidism) can be a common cause of obesity in older pets? Thankfully, there […]

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Why You Should Never Give Chocolate to Your Dog

Although chocolate is a tasty treat for humans, there are many reasons why you should never give your dog chocolate. Chocolate contains a compound called theobromine that dogs can’t metabolize and it acts like poison. However, it’s important to understand a bit more about how chocolate can affect the health of your pet dog. Chocolate […]

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Why Is Pet Insurance Important?

Pet insurance is important for any pet owner to care for your pet’s health when something unexpected happens. Having adequate health and medical insurance for your pet also means that you have less stress when you have to visit your vet for a checkup or diagnose and treat a health problem with your pet. Pet health […]

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Why Service Dogs are Important in the Community

Service dogs play an important role in the community to improve the quality of life of many people. Service dogs can be trained to assist people with diabetes, autism, cancer, and other illnesses. Trained dogs can help people who are visually impaired, deaf, or prone to seizures. Let’s look in more detail at the important […]

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How to Prevent Diabetes in Cats and Dogs

Unfortunately, diabetes in cats and dogs is on the rise. In fact, according to one report, the cases of diabetes in dogs have jumped by nearly 80% from 2006 until 2011.[1] Cats can also suffer from cases of diabetes. What can you do to prevent diabetes in cats and dogs? In this article, we will […]

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