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Open Mon - Fri: 7AM - 6PM Sat: 7AM - 3PM | 200 S Tustin St, Orange CA 92866 | (714) 633-3323 | Careers



Meet our groomer, Brieanne!

We are pleased to introduce you to our groomer, Brieanne Lopez

Brieanne graduated from The Art of Fur Academy in San Diego, CA back in 2016. She was taught by celebrity groomer Kathleen Sepulveda. Brieanne did her internship under Dianne Russel at the Taj Mapaw Spaw.  Brieanne is also a certified bather/ brusher taught by Teri DiMarino.

Brieanne started working with animals back in 2000 (alongside Dr. Horn) and started as a bather/kennel attendant and worked her way up to assistant. She attended the RVT program at Mount San Antonio College. Brieanne is also certified in animal first aid and CPR as of 2018.  She has always had a passion for caring for our beloved furry friends. She is furthering her education, especially in grooming cats. Brieanne can perform breed specific haircuts but she also loves creative grooming, especially Asian Fusion Grooming.

Brieanne really wants to meet with you before performing the first grooming. Proper communication is essential in making sure that your pet goes home with the look that you want. She is very amenable to any specific requirements that you may have with your schedule, needing to wait, or even not allowing them to be in a cage. She wants all grooming experiences to be positive. You can even watch the grooming from start to finish (as long as your pet doesn’t get too excited by seeing you through the window).

Brieanne is assisted by Lisa, one of our bathers.  She has been working alongside Brieanne for many years and make a great team.

Amanda is also available to do bathing and brushing on days Brieanne isn’t here to help make sure we can keep pets clean and happy 7 days a week.

Grooming Requirements:

Your pet needs to be healthy and not stressed by grooming. If a medical condition is found, or stress-free holding techniques are not sufficient, grooming will stop until the doctor is consulted. You will then be notified of any recommendations/changes. Frequently, we find hidden problems with nail, skin, fur, anal glands, or teeth. And for dogs that are stressed, we may make recommendations for sedation and training to reduce future issues.

Your pet needs to be kept current on all vaccinations following our vaccination/examination policy. Just as with boarding, please note the vaccines are more effective if given before exposure occurs.

Fleas are not welcome. We strongly advise monthly flea control like Comfortis, Trifexis or Revolution. If fleas are found, a bath is not sufficient to remedy. Flea dips and shampoos are not allowed as they don’t work and can irritate the sensitive skin of pets. If fleas are found, we will start immediate flea control after discussion with you and the doctor.

If you’d like to meet Brieanne to consult about grooming your pet, she would love to meet you before your pet is groomed to make sure that she exceeds your expectations.

Please call us to schedule an appointment today.