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  • We strongly believe in the value of regular healthy physical examinations. These exams are essential to promoting good health and will keep your pet happy and healthy. We advise exams twice annually for all patients as a lot can change in 6 months. During your exam, we will discuss vaccination protocols specific to your pet’s […]

  • Dental disease is the second most common disease we see in pets (obesity is #1). Poor dental health can be a source of chronic pain and infection. Ouch. We offer both anesthetic cleanings for our more severe cases, and we have veterinarian supervised non-anesthetic cleanings as well. During anesthetic cleanings, we will perform a thorough […]

  • The therapy laser radically increases circulation, which reduces pain and inflammation by stimulating an endorphin/enkephalin release and radically excites the energy carrier in the cell (the ATP) to heal the cells in 1/3 to 1/2 faster than normal healing time. Laser treatments are cumulative and one builds upon another. A therapy laser treats any inflammation, […]

  • This is an adjunct to surgery to speed healing and good mobility of affected limb. It also is an alternative to surgery in many cases. Rehabilitation therapy is using specific modalities to reduce pain, enhance healing, and increase the function of a specific area. Therapy typically includes a combination of medications, dietary supplements, therapies in […]

  • We offer dog training. Too often neglected by veterinarians as a part of a happy and healthy life, proper behavior is critical. Too many dogs are euthanized or abandoned due to poor behavior. We feel that early intervention is critical to having a loving relationship with your pet. We offer puppy and adult dog training […]

  • Meet our groomer, Brieanne! We are pleased to introduce you to our groomer, Brieanne Lopez Brieanne graduated from The Art of Fur Academy in San Diego, CA back in 2016. She was taught by celebrity groomer Kathleen Sepulveda. Brieanne did her internship under Dianne Russel at the Taj Mapaw Spaw.  Brieanne is also a certified bather/ […]

  • Due to COVID-related constraints, OC Veterinary Medical Center is only offering medical boarding at this time. To learn more, please call our office directly. We understand how difficult it is to leave your pet. Our goal is to make your pet’s stay as rewarding and comfortable as possible. Our premier facility has much to offer […]

  • We understand that surgery and anesthesia can be very scary. We take all anesthetic cases very seriously. We thoroughly screen all of our patients to make sure there are no hidden complications by performing exams before every anesthesia and requiring minimum baseline lab testing based on species, breed, and age. We use multimodal pain management. […]

  • We can run blood, urine, fecal samples, and cytology in-house to get answers fast. We also work with reference labs to get more specialized testing performed.

  • It’s always scary when your pet gets sick. Our Orange medical team is here to help. We will make your sick friend get better. Quick, accurate diagnosis of the problem is essential. We have the training and the tools necessary to get the answer to your pet’s ailment. We take your pet’s health very seriously. […]

  • When our beloved pets get older and sick, an extra special level of care is required. Dr. Horn is a member of the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care and is specially trained in how to improve your pet’s quality of life during this difficult time and will assist you in making the […]

  • Ever heard the expression that “you are what you eat”? Well the same is true for our pets. A nutrition-rich diet is your pet’s first line of defense and a cornerstone of preventive care. Proper daily nutrition will go a long way in keeping your pet healthy by bolstering the immune system and supporting normal […]