Dr. Rodrigues grew up in Orange County after moving to the United States from England with his family.

He fell in love with the Southern Californian life, its blend of natural and urban environments and the unique experiences found at the intersection of the animal and human worlds.

From an initial interest in learning what he could do for animals through conservation biology, he found interest in what animals could give back to us through caring for them and the lessons they might teach us about ourselves.

He attended undergraduate school at Tufts University in Boston and found a like-minded home among the doctors and students in their conservation biology and veterinary science programs. Following his time on the east coast, he came back west and entered UC Davis Veterinary School, where he realized his goal of deepening the human-animal bond between owners and their pets and guiding them through both the best and most challenging times of their lives.

After graduating in 2008, Dr. Rodrigues returned home to Southern California. He continued his education with a year of intensive specialized and emergency medicine training at an internship in west Los Angeles and then began working in general practice in north Orange County.
When not in the clinic, Dr. Rodrigues will find any reason to get outdoors, hiking, photography, gardening, running or just taking a stroll in our beautiful world. He shares his life with his family’s pets and is looking for a new canine companion. He is excited to join the team at the OC Veterinary Medical Center and make it his home to share the warmth and care they provide for pets and their people.