Dental disease is the second most common disease we see in pets (obesity is #1). Poor dental health can be a source of chronic pain and infection. Ouch. We offer both anesthetic cleanings for our more severe cases, and we have veterinarian supervised non-anesthetic cleanings as well. During anesthetic cleanings, we will perform a thorough inspection of the mouth, teeth, and gums. We always perform full mouth dental radiographs that can find hidden problems.

Ultrasonic scaling and polishing can be performed. Finally, we can repair problems that are found. This process is directly supervised by one of our veterinarians and even routine procedures can take 45 minutes or more. We perform the same high level of safest anesthesia as we do our surgical patients, and are only performed one at a time. We also discuss proper home care so we can maintain good hygiene at home. This will not only make your pet more comfortable but also lengthen the time until the next cleaning.