We strongly believe in the value of regular healthy physical examinations. These exams are essential to promoting good health and will keep your pet happy and healthy. We advise exams twice annually for all patients as a lot can change in 6 months. During your exam, we will discuss vaccination protocols specific to your pet’s lifestyle. We will also discuss parasite control, weight management, nutrition, and home dental care as well as any matters specific to Orange and the surrounding areas. Of course, we will look for any hidden problems.

Remember that pets don’t act sick until they are extremely ill. The best treatment is early detection. For that reason, we advise annual lab testing on our senior patients (over age 7 for most pets and 5 for our giant-sized friends). This includes blood and urine tests, blood pressure, and glaucoma screening. We might request a fecal sample. Remember it’s easier on your pet for you to bring one than for us to take one.