Orange County cat owners should beware of fleas. They not only infest pets, but also homes. Cats who have fleas can become very sick as well.

There are natural and chemical remedies for cats to get rid of and prevent fleas. Your veterinarian can prescribe medicine to treat your kitty and help them stay flea free. If you are preferring a natural treatment be sure to mention that. They will be able to discuss all viable options for your cat’s flea treatment with you.

It is not enough to ensure that your cat is treated though. You must also treat your home. Again this can be done naturally or chemically. Treating your home can help to ensure that your cat stays flea free. This also helps to keep other pets who may not go outdoors from getting fleas.

Fleas can cause cats to lose hair and damage their skin in an effort to chew and scratch them off. Fleas can also cause the cats to get worms, or other diseases.

Fleas are not so great for people either. They can cause skin irritation, and sometimes more serious medical complications. This can be especially true for young children.

Here’s hoping your cat and your home remain flea free!