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Dental care for doggie breath

Just like their human counterparts, Orange County dogs need dental care. Dental care is often overlooked when it comes to our fur buddies. Oral care for dogs is important to their health as well. If you care for them regularly you can catch dental problems early which can help to prevent disease or illness. When […]

Cats need to eat the right vittles.

Orange County cats are carnivores just like the rest of the feline population. Unlike dogs or humans there are only certain kinds of foods that they can eat. Your kitty requires lots of meat. Obviously cats can have cat food. When purchasing this for your kitty make sure that the label states the food has […]

Seeds and treats your bird will tweet about.

Bird owners are always searching for best food to give their “pretty birds”. There are even some that enjoy sharing food with their feathery friends. So what is the best diet for your pet bird? There are five categorizations of birds when it comes to their dietary needs. The first category is florivores which eat […]